Saturday, January 05, 2008

Beijing Olympics 08 Logo

I found this picture on Faithmouse:

That about captures the spirit of the 08 Beijing Olympics. They can build stadiums and new olympic facilities but that doesn't hide the fact that its one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. This image is also on
Well, it turns out there are several sites in the blogosphere that heave this image and they all linking each other so here they are:
kaj la hundro iris kun ili...
Lina Lamot Club
Olympics in Den Ketten
Beijing 2008: Olimpikoj en Cenoj
Causa Nostra Laetitiae
Free Republic Thread
The Good Life
Blogging from the Bog
Hell on Earth
Irish Blogs
Scarlet Crusader
Berlin Wall Between Church and State
Boycott 2008 Communist
Faith and Country
Waving or Drowning?
Young Dead Elms


Unknown said...

Thanks kindly, Athanasius.

Tom in Vegas said...

Yep. These guys are still as anti-Catholic as ever (not to mention non-democratic).


Therese said...

I really wish Australia would boycott the Beijing Olympics. Sport seems to trump everything these days.

Leticia said...

Don't forget to list other team members, this helps the keyword density of the image,and will get it to the top of Google searches, making China take notice.

catholicandgop said...

Dittos to the other comments made here.