Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Deuce

I have discovered that I cannot just pull out a Capri Sun, stick a straw in it and hand it to my daughter. She won't touch it. First I apparently have to ask her if she wants one. Then I have to ask if she wants me to open it. Then she will drink it. Any deviation means she just sets it to the side and refuses to acknowledge it.
I have been going to a new barbershop these last few weeks. The last barber did a GREAT job and new what haircut I wanted so I didn't to say anything anymore, I just sat down. I stopped going because it turns out he's a former grand wizard for the local Klan group. He left the Klan but still holds a lot of the racist views. I figured the Stars and Bars on the wall was just a southern pride thing, but after finding out his political/racial views I couldn't go there in good conscience anymore.
The new barbershop is decorated mostly with pennants. There are a few other random decorations, but the vast majority of the decorations are random pennants (mostly collegiate). I asked about them Monday and I was told that various people have brought in pennants over the last 15 years and he told me that if I brought in a pennant he find someplace to put it on the wall. So now I have to stop being lazy and get around to ordering a University of Idaho pennant so my alma mater can have its spot on the wall too.
Please pray for Father Nguyen Van Ly. He is a Catholic priest in Vietnam arrested and sentenced to 8 years (about 5 years left) for resisting Communist influence on the Catholic Church in Vietnam. You can put together a letter in Vietnamese to send to him here. I am sure that he could use encouragement and sometimes when enough people write letters the government releases political prisoners.
Was anyone else taught that you should write an extra s after possessive words ending with s except in the case of Moses or Jesus? For example Chris' instead of Chris's.
Mental Floss has a Saint Quiz: Catholic Saint or New Orleans Saint? I got to admit that I only recognized one name and failed. H/T to Ironic Catholic
There are two kinds of people out there: 1. Those who hear their alarm the first time and get out of bed 2. Those of us who hear the alarm, hit the snooze and sleep til it goes off again.

May God bless all who read my ramblings,

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I don't know how anyone takes out a Capri Sun, puts in a straw, and hands it over to someone. By the time I get the thing open and fumble the straw in, there is very little to hand off. Most of it is all over me!