Sunday, April 30, 2006


This morning at mass something else donned on me. As I knelt after communion, for whatever reason, the immensity of what I had just done struck me in a special way. I had held JESUS in my hand! God took the form of bread and I held Him, if only for a moment.
Lots of people say stuff like, "I'll never wash this hand again" after some trivial event like shaking hands with someone famous or a pretty girl. But this was SO MUCH GREATER! And yet I know so many people think nothing of it. Its just another Sunday and they seem so blinded to the greatness of what happened.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sucka! I guess hookey isn't good for your theology because God doesn't take the "form of bread" in the Catholic Church. "Because Christ our Redeemer said that it was truly His Body that He was offering under the species of bread..." (CCC 1376). The bread becomes Body of Christ (like they say, but I guess you weren't listening!), not God becomes bread.

But yeah, I get what you are sayin'. Sometimes the palm of my hand tingles for a few minutes after hold the Body.