Saturday, April 29, 2006

This bugs me and I feel that I should rant about it. Ok, so people are always telling me how the Cold War is over because we beat the Soviets, but is it really? Yes, the Soviet Evil Empire collapsed and Eastern Europe also threw Marxism out. However, well over a billion people still live under Marxist regimes around the world, including one right off our shores. Our government is doing their best in the diplomatic/propaganda realm, but I digress. Venezuela is a MAJOR supplier of oil to the US and their president has openly called himself a Maoist and allied himself with the likes of Cuba and Communist China. Even if they aren't ruled by commies there are millions more who suffer from Marxist insurgencies. Millions more in Taiwan constantly face the menace of an invasion by Communist forces. We are still officially at war with North Korea, who I don't need to tell you is threatening us with nukes.
Is it really over?

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