Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Another Day of Catholic Carnival

Catholic Carnival 205 is up at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering.
Next week it will be here at 50 Days After. I am envisioned a Babylonian theme.
Happy New Years!

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LuisLiviaLuisa said...

A Holy and Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

The three kings have left their land, their world, and have undertaken a long trip...motivated by their thirst of truth and salvation, they have walked with perseverance with a destination…and they achieve it, because God meets us with us if we look for Him sincerely. And the three wise men didn’t come alone, they have brought with them, their culture, their identity, their history, and they have given all to the Savior. Their Encounter with the Messiah, didn’t mean and has not indicated the end of their search: they have continued walking “by another route”, as St. Matthew says, that is they continue looking for the truth in a different way

Jesus loves you.

Luisa Veyan S.