Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spirit of Vatican II/Halloween

This comic just about sums it all up:

h/t to Catholic Cartoon Blog
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Sunday Snippets

Its another Sunday Snippets.
This last week I only had two posts total so I'll throw both of those in here the first was about a picture I saw on Indonesian Papist and the other is a video with a hymn sung at baptisms with a Byzantine liturgy.

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Saint Quiz XI

Same deal as the other ten Saint Quizzes, place a comment in the combox when you figure out one or more of the saints. These three should be simple. The top one is from my parish, St Ignatios of Antioch in Augusta, GA.

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Saints and Scripture Longing

"As the deer yearns for running streams, so I yearn for you my God." Ps 42:1

This is the beginning of my favorite Psalm. I know 22 is much better known and more popular, but ever since I saw the mosaic on the floor in front of the altar at Mt Angel, I cannot help but be struck with a burning desire for the Eucharist every time I hear or read this line. The mosaic has deer drinking from a stream which flows forth from a chalice and host. Just as the deer needs water for life, we do not live by bread alone and we as Christians are called to the Living Waters in the Eucharist.
It also reminds of St Giles who lived in the woods as a hermit and his only companion was a deer who kept him company. One day a hunting party shot him with an arrow instead of the deer. He lived, but became the patron saint of crippled persons.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Melkite/Orthodox Baptismal Hymn

Just because...

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

As the deer longs...

I saw this picture on Indonesian Papist. The post was written in a language I don't read, but I do know the little bit of Latin on the picture and I have always liked images which evoke Eucharistic imagery from this particular psalm. I especially like that the chalice has "FONS VITAE" to tell how our lives come from God present in the Eucharist.

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