Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

I hope all of you have a blessed New Year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

On the medal, make the sign of the Cross, recite "Incline unto my aid, Oh God! Oh Lord, make haste to help me! Amen." Follow this with a Glory Be.

On the first single bead on the strand, pray an "Our Father".

On the second single bead on the strand, pray an "Our Father", and then continue by saying, "Saint Joan of Arc, immolated as a victim of the burning stake, pray that I may also become a victim by the faithful practice of all my duties as they pertain to me during my whole life."

On the first group of five beads, say a "Hail Mary" for each bead.

On the next divisional bead, Pray an "Our Father", and then recite, "Saint Joan of Arc, with you, I only wish to find my delight in practicing humility, charity, and penance, and all the virtues necessary to gain entrance into Heaven. Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us!"

On the second group of five beads, say a "Hail Mary" for each bead.

On the next divisional bead, pray an "Our Father", and then recite, "Saint Joan of Arc, be with me in all my struggles. Like the strong men of Israel, experienced in warfare, who constantly carry the sword at their side, to guard against unforeseen attacks during the night, may I ever be prepared for the combat. Together with the protection of the angels and saints grant me also your own; inspire my endeavours; be my help and my light to guide me to Jesus, our Chief, and when my earthly mission is accomplished, may I expire like you, repeating with love, ‘Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!' - Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us!"

On the third group of five beads, pray a "Hail Mary" for each bead.

Conclude the chaplet on the medal, by reciting the following prayer: "Pray for us, Saint Joan of Arc, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ."

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fed by Christ

When I was in the seminary a fellow seminarian (He is now a priest, Fr. Ben Uhlenkott) pointed out to me that mangers were used to hold hay for the livestock. Of course, the significance as he and the Church Fathers before him pointed out was the association of Jesus with food. Just as the hay was for the animals, the Lord is for us.
In a way that has since made me think of Nativity scenes as a sort of subtle Eucharistic imagery. It still blows me away how much the Gospels hint and a times scream to us about the Eucharist.

Merry Christmas

On this day was born in David's town
A Child with no wealth nor golden crown

In that manger He lay sleeping
Immanuel, our God and King

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I hope that it is a day that finds you refreshed in your Christian faith.

May the Rose of Sharon blossom in your hearts.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

quick update

Ok, so I know that I haven't posted in a long time and so here is a quick update on things: I have arrived safely at my new post, which is a cause for thanksgiving to God if you've ever driven the ALCAN Highway in the dead of winter. I am also engaged now. My long wondering over the married vs single life is over. She is a wonderful woman and I truly look forward to spending my life with her.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Catholic Carnival

The Catholic Carnival is up at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering. The post is here.

Please also check out

Friday, September 29, 2006

Where to invade next

I'm all for laying the smack down on Iran and/or North Korea, but at least I know the difference between those two and Australia.

Catholic Carnival

The latest Catholic Carnival is up. You can find it here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Lately, I have been stuck on what to write about. I have thought about saying something about the Muslim reaction to the Pope's speech. I have a lot of thoughts about it, but everyone else is writing so much about it. Besides, I think charity would fail me.
I have seen in other blogs that sometimes the authors will start a series on some particular subject. I have thought about different things. I tried posting about a different religious order each week, but that didn't seem like what I am looking for so I have abandonned that.
I have been thinking about writing a series sometime about the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, especially the mystic woman, Conchita, who inspired Fr. Felix de Jesus Rougier to found that order. I have even thought about writing some posts on the other related orders (La Familia de la Cruz or the Family of the Cross). I feel drawn somehow to them and I feel like the Holy Spirit might be directing me to write about them.
But I have this sort of writing block and I am soliciting suggestions. Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest something else.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

persecution for His sake

HIstory classes teach us about the great persecutions of the Christian Church in the Ancient Roman Empire, but I find at least that I forget quite easily that the persecution of Christians continues to this day.
Its easy to forget in our daily lives that being a Christian can be difficult. It is always difficult to lead Christian lives, but we don't have persecution on top of it. In the US we might get hassled for being Christian (or unfortunately other Christians hassle us for being Catholic), but we have it easy. But as Hebrews 13:3 reminds us, we should remember the persecuted members of the Church.
Muslim persecution of Christians exists wherever Islam is the dominant religion. From Pakistan to Morocco Christians are persecuted for believing (and rightly so) that Christ is much, much more than merely a prophet.
In India, Christians are persecuted by hardline Hindus. Some Indian states have outlawed conversion to Christianity.
The Berlin Wall may have fallen, but Communist oppression of Christ's Body persist. There are over a billion people in China and about 6 billion in the world. That's right over 1/6th of the world remains under Commie oppression! They not only oppress the Church in China, but try to subvert it with the Catholic Patriotic Association.
Its great that we went across the globe to liberate the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, but just 90 miles off of our shores the tyrrany of Communism remains. The Church remains persecuted in Cuba, China and other Marxist nations. Its speaks volumes when people would rather risk drowning, dehydration, storms and hunger to float 90 miles on an inner tube than stay at home.
But enough of the bad news though. We know who will eventually win. Christ has promised us the eternal victory.
But the battle is not over yet and there is much we can do to help our brothers and sisters that we so often forget are still persecuted and often martyred like so many saints before them, including our first Vicar of Christ, St. Peter.
There are many organizations such as the Voice of the Martyrs, the Bible Site, Aid to the Church in Need, and the Cardinal Kung Foundation actively working with the persecuted Church.
We can take comfort in the Church's triumphs over persecution in ancient Rome and the Eastern Bloc (thanks in no small part to our former Pope JPII), but as Our Lady of Fatima reminded us prayer is necessary to avoid even more horrible evils that may come of Communism.
Our Lady of Fatima and St Joseph the worker, pray for us!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Where do celebrities do when they are no longer in the spotlight?
MC Hammer blogs apparently.

Holy gossip?

I was thinking about today's Gospel reading. Jesus healed a deaf man and as usual told everyone not to tell. And as usual they went and told everyone they knew.
I wonder sometimes why Jesus told them not to tell others. As God, He had to have known they would tell the whole world (after His death and Resurrection quite literally). So why bother?
My personal theory is that He realized gossip travels faster than any other kind of news. So by telling everyone to keep it under wraps, He might have been encouraging them to speak of Him far and wide...
or perhaps I am just cynical.

order of the week

This week is the Society of the Divine Word (Societas Verbi Divinus, aka SVD). SVD is an order founded in Germany during the Bismark era. It survived and even grew despite the Kulturkampf. It is now spread throughout the world and is dedicated to preaching the Gospel to the world.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another week, another order

This week: The Clerics of Saint Viator

It is clerical order in countries around the world dedicated to catechism, education and evangelization.

Peter's Barque

Lord, the wind and waves assault the hull and the sail
Yet, You guaranteed the gates of hell will not prevail
Despite the storm You sleep in the back, unafraid
"Lord Jesus", we cry, "Awake and come to our aid."
On the command of His voice the storm is gone
Even now, we are in awe like Peter and John

Who is this Man who commands and calms the storm
He is the Word made flesh, He is the incarnate Lord
Still today many journey with Jesus in Peter's boat
We journey to our home, Heaven so remote
Still today we hear his words, "Do not be afraid."
Death and pain may come, but He is our aid

Storms and trials will come, but the boat will not sink

Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Search for life

That's right, search for life (and I'm not talking about SETI). There's now a search engine that donates half of its ad revenue to pro-life organizations.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Miraculous Medal

The other day I was doing a Google image search for images of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. I noticed actually that I had better luck with just Miraculous Medal, but that is neither here nor there. What I am getting to is that it reminded me of how that medal and particularly Our Lady came into my spiritual life.
I didn't used to have much of a devotion to Our Lady. I used to dread saying rosaries or other Marian devotions. I was unsure about Marian devotion, but a series of events changed all that.
The story begins with Google of all places. I was looking for something about St. Therese de Lisieux. I forget what it was but one of the results caught my attention so I opened it. It was an excerpt from a book called AA-1025: Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle. The plotline immediately intrigued me. Could a communist really infiltrate the seminary and actually become a priest for the sole purpose of trying to undermine the Church? For regular readers of my blog you have surely noticed a healthy anti-Communist sentiment. The commie's ideas on how to achieve this are the same ideas decried by traditional Catholics.
But I digress; back to Mary. I didn't want to buy since I was quite broke, so I checked and it turns out the Mt. Angel Library had it. The "seminarian" had a girlfriend (Raven Hair) on the side and he couldnt stand the sight of the Miraculous Medal around her neck. He couldn't stand that she had it in other places such as the curtains. He eventually talks her into taking it off of her neck and giving it to him.
It also played a role in driving off the Communist sympathizer paid to assist him in his mission to get through the seminary. In short it played a role in the book that I found quite intriguing.
Then a day or two after I finished the book (btw, the intro of the book claims that it is a true story) I was going the cracks of the recliner in my seminary room and found an unusually large Miraculous Medal. As thick as I am, even I realized that it was a sign.
I finally go the hint. There were some other that added in, but these two were the clearest. Needless to say, Mary, especially as represented in the Miraculous Medal, has become much more than just a Biblical character. She has become a mother and someone to pray with. Just as she gave birth to Jesus to fulfill prophecy and bring Him into the world as a man, still today she brings Jesus more fully into lives such as mine.
Btw, I highly recommend the book. Its a quick and easy read (less than 200 pages).

Order of the week II

This weeks order is the Oblates of St Joseph. The order was founded by St Joseph Marello. Their charism is mostly mission work (priests to areas lacking and foreign missions) and catechism.

weekend trip

I went to Andersonville National Park yesterday. There isn't really much there aside from the museum. Other than the museum there is an open field with some monuments, a few recreations, some of the earthwork defenses remain, but overall it is mostly an open field.
We decided to take a driving tour of the site, so we rented a CD tour. When we went to get it the Park Ranger/cashier didn't want to rent to me because I only had a $20 bill. Why she couldn't give me change I don't know. To top it off I had to leave my driver's license with her for a $1 CD rental. That was astounding.
When we left we saw a sign for the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site just 26 miles down the road, so we went there too. It was kinda interesting that they declared the whole town a historic site. We stopped into the old high school which is now the visitor center.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

order of the week

Ok, so I am going to try something new and see how long I can keep it up before I start spacing it. I am going to have small posts about a different religious order each week.
This week is the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. This order was founded in Mexico by a priest, Fr. Felix Rougier, based on the mystical visions and insight of their co-foundress Conchita (I can't remember her given name). Christ the Priest Province is their US province. So far, their presence in the US is only on the west coast.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

St Teresa's Parish

This weekend I am going to try a new parish. St Michael's is a good parish (except for last weekend when we sang "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" by Martin Luther), but I'd like to check this out St Teresa's. From what I have seen so far it seems to be an extraordinarily active parish. I drove by it the other day to make sure that I could find it tomorrow and it is a huge compound. It would be a big parish anywhere, but I was amazed considering I am in Georgia.
The other parish that I want to visit some time is the Melkite parish downtown. I went to a Maronite mass once and it was a good experience. I like seeing the celebration of the Mass in the different rites.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Here's a possible solution to abortion: We allow our unborn to practice their Constitutional right to bear arms. That abortionist would be in for one heck of a surprise.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thanks Father

Have you thanked your priest lately for everything that he does in your parish?
While many of us have or had priests that were involved in the sex scandal or other illegal/immoral acts, most priests truly are holy men of God. The website has prayers for priests, a link to mail and post a letter thanking priests for all that they do, and you can view some of the other messages.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Baby Got Book

I especially like the part where he talks about the amount books in the Bible and he says "... and if you're Catholic there's even more." Apparently, he lost the book of Habbukuk among others. Just think, her Bible would be even bigger if he dated a Catholic.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Catholic Coke Commercial

I saw this on YouTube and had to share this with the world. Its a Catholic Coke commercial. Its hilarious, yet still tasteful.

back to school

Today was the first day of class. So far it seems quite interesting. Among other things that I learned today, I learned that the Army Signal Corps was the first in the military to have any airplanes.
I like the training and from what I have seen so far of the Army it seems like a good career and something I would really like to do, but still I feel in my heart that something is missing. I am not sure if it is the seminary or something else, but I have lots of time to figure it out.
I also got my power cord for the lappy so now I have regular internet access AND I can get on whenever I want for as long as I want. I am rediscovering sites that I haven't seen in a few months. I came across my other blog and goodsearch for instance.
Goodsearch is a search engine that donates a penny to a charity of your choice every time you search for something on their site. I recommend using it and typing in Catholic Answers in the box below the search where you designate the charity of your choice.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've been in GA for about a week now. My military course starts on Monday. I am anxious to start so that I can see how interesting it is. More importantly I am still trying to decide of course if this is my vocation. That decision though will probably have to wait until I get to first duty assignment.
I'll write more once class starts.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Moving to the South

In another week I will move down to Georgia.
The parish at my new post is St Michael's. How cool is that for a parish full of soldiers!
I like Army life, but at the same time I often wish that I was still in the seminary working towards becoming a priest. There are definitely some days when I wonder if leaving was the most bonehead thing that I could have done.
The debate however is academic for the time being since I am locked into my officer training and I am thinking that I would like to join an order. Unfortunately, the Army would only allow me to return for school, I doubt if I convince them to allow me the novitiate also.
On the other hand its nice to have some time to think it over.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


This is my first post in a good while and it will probably be a while before the next one. I am in training right now and its almost impossible to get the time to blog. I will post as often as I am able and after a few months I'll be a regular again.
Someone wanted to know how or why I made the change from the seminary to the Army. I had actually joined the Army before I went to the seminary. I commissioned in May and went to the sem in August. I went to the sem with a co-sponsorship between the Archdiocese for the Military Services and Boise. I was a soldier the whole time I was there. This created some internal conflict however, since I always seemed to be sorting out with myself whether I was a soldier who happened to be in the seminary or a seminarian who happened to be in the Army.
Of course there were many, many, many other reasons why things didn't work out (for instance, my doubts about whether I could be celibate), but when after a year I left I was still obliged to four years of active duty and so I went to the Army. Now I have a couple Army schools to do for the next few months.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Ever wonder if you made the wrong choice?

Two roads diverged in the seminary woods and I... I got out of Dodge. Will that make all the difference?
The original was more eloquent, but my adaptation gets the point across. I wonder often if it would have been better to stay. The die is cast however, and the next few years are largely predetermined.
So I guess the larger question of what I am going to do with my life is somewhat academic for the next four years at least. Still, being a curious sort I can't help but wonder. Should I date and eventually marry and just put this whole seminary/priest thing behind me? Should I hold fast for a few more years, pick myself up and try again? Religious? Which order? Diocesan? Which diocese?
On the other hand, 4 years of active duty will give me ample time to sort through all this and hopefully figure it out. I wish choosing vocations were as easy as Mary's Fiat: An angel shows up and tells you what God wants and you say yes. Of course living it out was another matter altogether. I'm sure that the Seven Sorrows were not easy at all.
I know that living my vocation will not be easy, but I wish sometimes that the Big Guy Upstairs would just spell it out for me in neon lights or something. But I know that won't happen.

Jesus, my General, tell me where you want me on the battlefield.
Ok, so I couldn't help but put another post.

So many things I do not know
What should I do, where should I go
To whom do I turn for aid
When all that I have done and made
Have fallen to the ground
With a loud, horrible sound
I turn to the Lord, Our Succor
From His love I can never be torn
May He hear my prayers and forgive my sins
I shall return to Him with renewed zeal again
I haven't blogged in what seems like forever and it will probably be a good while longer after this post.
I have orders and I am set to begin training 4 June. So in less than a week I'm off to Oklahoma and then Georgia until November. After all that sun and warm weather its off to central Alaska by December. Brrr.
I'm sure that the Lord will bless me in this. I don't think I will make a career out of the Army, but I think the next 4 years will be a great adventure.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I know that I haven't posted in a while. Posts will be a little touch and go over the summer as I get settled.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Moving Day

Well, I don't post too much personal stuff here, but here's one of the exceptions.
Tomorrow is the big day. That's right I am leaving the seminary tomorrow and instead of finishing the packing I am writing this post.
I have some rather mixed emotions about the whole thing. I am leaving of my own accord and I am not saying which seminary. A combination of things led me to make this decision. I made the decision back in February to leave at the end of the semester.
Ironically, I thought I had it figured out, but the closer I got this point the more I doubted whether it was the right decision. I had some conversations and soul searching that made me wonder. I still daydream now and then about giving a homily.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have trying entering a religious order instead of entering as a diocesan seminarian. Now I am even more confused then ever, but the die is cast.
I am not sure what God has called me to do, but in the meanwhile I owe four years to the Army.
Its been real. Its been fun...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No successful book is complete without a parody

Thanks to Curt Jester for pointing this out.
In response to the Da Vinci code someone wrote the Baloney Code.
An excerpt from the book:
'You must be Trophie Adieu, the most educated person on the Dubuque police force whom I've heard so much about' Longwind said. 'I understand that in addition to your work in cryptography, you are a paleontologist, linguist, opthalmologist, toxicologist, dentist, excorcist, ventriloquist and immunologist.'
'Yes' Trophie said. 'Which makes me the second most educated person on the force.'

Spiritual post for the day

Jesus said to them, "Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you do not have life within you."
John 6:53

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Check out my informal poll.

Da Vinci Code protests

Its safe to say that a lot of Catholics and Christians in general are very upset about the movie and want to do something about it. I have read in different places calls for a boycott, calls to see any other movie (I don't see how it will do anything), and people calling others to go adoration or do a protest rosary outside.
This, I hadn't seen. A supposedly Catholic group in India is calling on people to have hunger strikes to the point of death, according to the AFP on Yahoo News. My first reaction is : what the...?
Of course this group, "The Catholic Secular Forum", is calling on people pretty much to commit suicide (a mortal sin). It would not only thin their ranks, but they would be encouraging and cooperating with a sinful act.
I am sure that the movie has soon outrageous statements, just like the book, against Christianity and its certainly a shame that so many people have believed the lies. However, the movie is NOT that bad that you should die over it for crying out loud!
Someone should notify the Darwin Awards. If anyone actually listens to these goombas and actually starves themself to death, then they definitely deserve a Darwin Award for their efforts.
So I had never thought of this til I read an article on the BBC news site. Who makes gallows? I had always firgured it was a simple matter to be done locally.
Apparently, there's a man in Britain though that exports gallows. After all, he can't make them for domestic use since Britain has no death penalty.
Even worse, he is exporting the gallows to countries with bad human rights records like Zimbabwe. This summer his business will come to a halt as a new trade regulation will come into effect banning the export of gallows. How big of an industry is that the EU has taken notice to ban it? You wouldn't think too many people would be doing something like that.

Thought for the day

My son, saith the Lord, hear My words and follow them, for they be most sweet, far passing the wisdom and cunning of all philosophers and wise men of the world.
The Imitation of Christ, Book 2, Chapter 3

Monday, May 08, 2006

Che T-shirts

I don't know about you, but I always feel sad for those fools who wear Che t-shirts. Either they've bought in to that craptastic ideology and believe the lies or they don't know who he is, just that he has some cool t-shirts.
I found some cool Che t-shirts. My two favorites are "Dead Che: Your tax dollars at work" and "I don't know who this guy is but he sure sells a lot of T-shirts!"
Considering what this guy was trying to do, its probably best that's he's dead. I don't believe in just simply having someone executed when they are an inconvenience, but criminals must often be killed to be stopped. To honor and protect life it is sometimes necessary to do away with those who bring violence to society.
The only bad thing about that is that they found his remains, brought them back to Cuba and put them in a fancy mausoleum. So now the commies have a shrine to one of their atheist gods, because let's face it they worship their leaders like gods in a twisted anti-religion.

Circus nuns

So I was reading through Live Jesus! a blog that I happened upon and read her post about circus nuns staying with them.
Apparently, there's are dedicated groups of nuns, priests, and brothers who travel around with circuses and minister to them. There's even an article from St Cloud about a bishop celebrating mass with them and its also about the apostolate in general.
I'd just like to see a nun in full habit swinging on the trapeze.

new blog discovery

I have discovered a new blog:
The Ironic Catholic: Its a funny blog with lots of satire.
(The picture is from a post on the Ironic Catholic's blog).

Who is your favorite saint?
St Therese de Lisieux
St Francis of Assissi
St Peter
St John of the Cross
St Benedict
Other: please post a comment naming your favorite
Free polls from

You're Idaho!

You're a real meat-n-potatoes kind of person, or more accurately, a
potatoes-n-potatoes type.

Take the State Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Today's Thought

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel. He has come to His people and set them free. He has raised up for us a mighty savior.
Luke 1:68-69

Sunday, May 07, 2006


A friend of mine recently told me that the reason she doesn't go to mass (except on Christmas, Easter, and when we were dating and I would take her) was that she feels that she doesn't get anything out of it.
I just don't get it.... Well, actually I do. She doesn't understand the enormity of what happens at mass.
Christ becomes physically present. Even if you don't like the priest's homily or it went too long, there's still the huge implications of the Divine Person Jesus Christ taking the form of bread and wine.
Our almighty and all-powerful God humbles himself to be held in your hand and be present in the chalice. You hold GOD IN YOUR HAND!
You receive Him and your flesh becomes His flesh. His flesh becomes your flesh. You receive His blood and His blood flows in your blood. You become a living, breathing, walking, talking tabernacle!
I hope someday she will understand just how exciting it really is.

Shakespeare: a Catholic?

I read an article about the possibility that Shakespeare might have been a Catholic. There is some compelling evidence, but of course that far back in history its next to impossible to prove anything.

It's old school, but its a whole lot better than "Army of One".
For God and Country...
Christ died for you. You... what should you do for Christ?
The Way, by Josemaria Escriva

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Church signs

I found a site that allows you to make your own Church signs.

more to follow...

What the...?

Is this about a mass or some priestly cage match advertised like a monster truck rally?
I was going to pick an article to rag on from my favorite pinko paper, Commonweal, but I read one article and it made me too mad to say anything that I wouldn't regret later. I read another one and had the same reaction and again and again.
If they're a "Catholic" paper like they claim, why are they always backbiting the Pope and the teachings of the Magisterium?

Another thought for the day

Live by love and you will conquer always- even when you are defeated- in the Navas and Lepantos of your interior life.
The Way, by St. Josemaria Escriva, #433
In case you didn't know: Nava was the site of a Christian victory of a Muslim army in Spain and Lepanto was a naval battle that gave Christians supremacy over the Mediterrenean Sea.

though for the day

Don't fear God's justice. It is no less admirable and no less lovable than His mercy. Both are proofs of His love.
The Way, #431

I (and I imagine a lot of other people also) find it very easy to love God for His mercy. Its easy to love Him when he forgives and all is well with Him. The hard part is loving Him for the correction He gives. He is just and will punish me in order to correct. I have a hard time loving God because He is fair and forgives not just me, but also the other guy, since He is a just God.

My son, do not reject the discipline of the Lord or loathe His reproof, for whom the Lord loves He reproves even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights.
Proverbs 3:11, 12

Friday, May 05, 2006

Today's Thought

He walked along a little farther and saw James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John. They too were in a boat mending their nets. Then He called them. So they left their father Zebedee in the boat along with the hired men and followed Him.
Mark 1:19, 20 NAB

Why do I find it so hard to be like James and John? Why does it have to be so hard to hear His voice and follow? Why do I have to worry about having a family or being around my siblings and parents? Why do I find it so hard to imitate James and John?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here are a couple more of my blog discoveries:

Catholic Catechism Dialog Blog: A group blog that is going through the Catechism and expanding on the often terse explanations.

Pontifications: A great apologetics blog.

New video of Zarqawi

American troops found a video of Zarqawi wearing American tennis shoes and fumbling with a machine gun. Its not being released in its entirety, but apparently it also has some top al-Qaida personnel doing such goofy things as grabbing a hot barrel of a rifle.
Its a shame that they won't release the whole thing; I would pay money to see it.

thought for the day

Charity seeketh not himself in that he doth, but he desireth to do only that which shall be honour and praising to God.
The Imitation of Christ, Book 1, Chapter 15

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Test your Catholic IQ
Here is a webpage that has the entire text of The Spiritual Combat. Its a great devotional book about fighting temptation and struggling to do the hard right over the easy wrong.
I like the opening line on the page: "Spiritual Combat-Fight or Die". And even better is the picture of St Michael about to stab Satan, who's already beneath his feet.

Seven Sorrows

So I haven't done it yet, so I figured that now is as good a time as any to post about my favorite Catholic band, Seven Sorrows. The name comes from the Seven Sorrows of Mary of course, since they are dedicated to her and her Seven Sorrows.
Its a hard rock band and you can listen to or download full songs like Regret or Agape.
Happy Feast Day of Sts. James and Phillip.
Today is Wednesday and I'm over the hump. That's right its all downhill from here. And after this week there is only finals week.
When finals week is finished I will finally be finished with school (at least for the time being). Its hard for me to believe sometimes, but I am 24 (on May 5) and I have been in school for 17 years.
But its coming to an end and I will have to work for a living. It actually sound like fun. I know everyone says that its better to be in school, but I think that's a load of crap. I'd much rather be working than listening to a professor (a man) go on about the various forms of feminism (oh and cliterodectomy too).
Its not that I have anything against women, its just that Thomism would be more appropriate for a Catholic seminary class. I know what the world thinks, I came here to find out what the Church teaches.

China-Vatican Relations

Cardinal Zen is calling for the Vatican to stop talks with Communist China after they ordained a bishop without Vatican approval.
I for one don't see the problem in continuing to recognize Taiwan. Even if the Church establishes relations with China they will remain dedicated to undermining and destroying the Church. That's not possible of course, but what would be the point in establishing diplomatic relations?
History and faith tell us that all Marxist governments WILL FALL. The Church should just wait it out it.

Thought for the day

My son, what is it that thou speakest? Why complainest thou thus? Cease, cease, complain no more, consider My Passion, and the passions of My Saints, and thou shalt well see that it is right little that thou sufferest for me.
The Imitation of Christ, Book 2, Chapter 19

I wish that I had found this back in January (I found it this morning by opening to random pages in my old school copy of The Imitation). But it still is relevant to my life and yours today. What torture it has been to go to school here, but it is nothing of the suffering of Christ and His Saints. I am leaving anyways, but I might have held on longer if I had had this perspective staring me in the face. Alas, the die is cast.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here are three new blog discoveries that I never got around to posting about, until now that is:

Transitus Tiber (From Luther to Our Lady): Great blog about a recent convert, a protestant before obviously.

Mormon2Catholic: Another great blog by a convert. A good deal of information about Mormonism, which I find useful. I am from Idaho and Mormons are everywhere.

Convert Man: Yet another great blog. This time the blogger was a Free Methodist turned Roman Catholic.

thought for the day

My son saith the Saviour Christ, I must be the end of all thy works, if thou desire to be happy and blessed...
The Imitation of Christ, Book 2, Chapter 9

Monday, May 01, 2006



So as I was cruising through Catholic News Agency's website this morning ( I came across this article about a group called Fellowship of Catholic University Students. From what I have read today, it sounds like its just what the Catholic Church in America could use to counteract Campus Crusade for Christ.
Don't get me wrong, they are great people, but its sad to see young Catholic students become protestant because the Church does a poor job ministering to them. Its more the fault of the diocese than Campus Crusade.
With that said it would be great to have this group on every campus so that not can we retain but we have our own tool for evangelizing on college campuses in similar ways.
I felt like throwing in a website about a Marian apparition in some random place:

Happy Feast Day of St Joseph the Worker

It's May 1st. Put away the may pole and put away your stinking red banners. Today is a day to remember that St Joseph was a carpenter and he taught Christ, Our Lord carpentry.
That's right! Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of all mankind was a working stiff. He redeemed our labor by His labor.
And THAT'S what's great about the Christian faith!
A short history of the feast from's saint of the day page: Started in 1955 by Pope Pius XII as a counter feast to the Communist celebration of labor on the same day. The Church has always pointed that Christ worked as a carpenter in order to show His human nature.

Btw, happy feast day to Wilsey, Kalange and everyone else named Joseph.

Thought for the day

Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!
I am drowning in a sea of my own sins. I need you to pull me from the waves to the safety of Peter's boat. For there, I know You are.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


This morning at mass something else donned on me. As I knelt after communion, for whatever reason, the immensity of what I had just done struck me in a special way. I had held JESUS in my hand! God took the form of bread and I held Him, if only for a moment.
Lots of people say stuff like, "I'll never wash this hand again" after some trivial event like shaking hands with someone famous or a pretty girl. But this was SO MUCH GREATER! And yet I know so many people think nothing of it. Its just another Sunday and they seem so blinded to the greatness of what happened.

Capitalizing on Divinity

So this hit me today at mass. Why do we no longer capitalize things referring to the divine. When referring to God and using a pro-noun why don't we capitalize that anymore?
Instead of "...He gave His only begotten Son..." why have we started downgrading to he, his, son?
I for one make a sconscious effort to capitalize that which refers to divine persons.
You would think that at least the Bible would give the proper defference, but you would be mistaken. He's lower-cased in the missals and song books too.

What happened?
The Catholic Caveman has a great post on military recruiting. Among the things he says is that the commercial almost seem to promise sf jobs and of course few of those qualified make it through the training. And loading groceries in your car doesn't make you an Air Force payload specialist.
But I think the worst of the recruiting tactics is the "Army of One" slogan. How can they actually use such an individualistic slogan for a job that is all about teamwork.
Just like there is no I in team, there is no I in the Army.
There seem to be two conflicting movementst here. There is the group claiming Josama bin Wilsey is a menace. The other group says "Look at that smile. He's too nice to be a terrorist." Then those liberals shout, "Free Wilsey".

Patron Saint for Handgunners?

There's a movement to get a patron saint for hangunners. The man they are rooting for is St Gabriel Possenti.
According to the St Gabriel Possenti Society, the saint left his monastery, stole two pistols from Garibaldi's troops and was able to chase them out of town, a pistol in each hand. Its like something from a Western.
I think its a great idea. Lots of people don't like it because they feel it doesn't respect human life.
For one thing, a lot of people use handguns for sport only. The other thing is that even when used in a lethal situation, if it is done for self-defense or defense of others (like policemen do), then it still respects human life.

Douay Rheims Bible

So for those of you who think the NASB is anathema and long for the days of decent translations such as Douay Rheims, you're in luck. The Douay Rheims translation is now online.

quote for the day

Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13, Douay Rheims Translation

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fr. Emil Kapaun

Fr Emil Kapaun was a Catholic chaplain during WWII and the Korean War. He is also on a road to possible sainthood.
He was captured during the Korean War and led his soldiers to resist the propaganda efforts of the commies as well as keep up their spirits and help them live their faith. For his trouble, the Communist Chinese forces holding him captive took him to a "hospital" when he got sick. In reality they left him to die in a shack separated from the soldiers he loved so much.
You can read about him here or buy the biography, A Shepherd in Combat Boots.

Now something more lighthearted

Ya, that last post was heavy. I have some time and I want to put something lighter.
Upload a picture on this site and you can shoot it up in an online shooting range. Its pretty neat and you can do it as many times as you can afford internet time.
What can I say? I just like shooting stuff.
This bugs me and I feel that I should rant about it. Ok, so people are always telling me how the Cold War is over because we beat the Soviets, but is it really? Yes, the Soviet Evil Empire collapsed and Eastern Europe also threw Marxism out. However, well over a billion people still live under Marxist regimes around the world, including one right off our shores. Our government is doing their best in the diplomatic/propaganda realm, but I digress. Venezuela is a MAJOR supplier of oil to the US and their president has openly called himself a Maoist and allied himself with the likes of Cuba and Communist China. Even if they aren't ruled by commies there are millions more who suffer from Marxist insurgencies. Millions more in Taiwan constantly face the menace of an invasion by Communist forces. We are still officially at war with North Korea, who I don't need to tell you is threatening us with nukes.
Is it really over?

thought for the day

Regard not much who is with thee, nor who is against thee, but be this thy greatest study that God may be with thee.
The Imitation of Christ, Book 2, Number 2

Search the web for charity

So I found this search engine a while back that donates a penny to a non-profit org of your choice. Its called Goodsearch. $0.01 doesn't sound like much, but I imagine it adds up if several people pitch in for a group. Of course these sort of things always attract groups like Planned Parenthood, who use the money for their misguided sense of good. But you choose the org, so the money only goes to them if you really want to support that kind of low life. Right now I have it set to Catholic Answers.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Beer belly

Remember empathy bellies? They were supposed to help men understand what it was like to be pregnant.
Now there is the beer belly. Similar idea but the beer belly is full of beer and you wear it under your clothes so you can sneak drinks into sports games or movie theaters.
Who thinks this stuff up?
Thanks to for pointing this out.


That's right, "What would Jesus drive?"
From the site:
One theory is that Jesus would tool around in an old Plymouth because the Bible says,
"God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden in a Fury."...
Meanwhile, Moses rode an old British motorcycle, as evidenced by a Bible passage declaring that
"the roar of Moses' Triumph is heard in the hills."...
And, following the Master's lead, the Apostles car-pooled in a Honda
"The Apostles were all in one Accord."...
I think it must have been made by a Protestant because he forgot to mention Mary's Fiat.

Aid to the Church in Need

So sometime in my internet surfing I came across a group called Aid to the Church in Need. They have offices in 120 nations. I don't how many they actually work in.
They do stuff like help pay seminary cost in the third world, build Churches in India and Africa, give Bibles, etc.

Satan's letter

Spiritual Warfare posted an open letter from Satan to non-practicing Christians. It seems a kind of clever continuation of CS Lewis's idea in the Screwtape Letters. Anyways, its an interesting and inspiring read. I highly recommend it.
The Spiritual War is like any other war, it would be a lot for the soldiers fighting it to simply desert, go home and do their own thing. However, there are always those dedicated to the fight and all of us need to be reminded now and again of our duty as Christian to continue the struggle within our selves and with the forces of the world trying in vain to undue what Christ has wrought.

quote of the day

If you would remember the presence of your guardian angel and those of your neighbors, you would avoid many of the foolish things you let slip into your conversation.
Jose Maria Escriva, The Way, 564

Thursday, April 27, 2006

NASA Roadkill program

NASA is starting a new program to remove roadkill from the Kennedy Space Center to hopefully prevent collisions involving the shuttle and vultures.
They even set up a hotline for people to report roadkill locations.

NASA Roadkill

Blog discovery

I discovered (well I am sure it has been discovered before, but its new to me) a blog called The Lair of the Catholic Caveman. I found the name instantly appealing, being a fellow knuckle-dragger, and the alliteration is neat too.
I don't agree with all of his expressions (ie Judas Iscariot Fan Club and Circle Jerk Repertory otherwise known as the USCCB). We may not agree with our bishops but for crying out loud they are still ordained men of God.
However, its like the blog says: "The car crash of blogs. You don't want to but you just can't help but look"
Aside the occasional crash comment it is a GREAT blog and I am going to put a link on the right and continue to enjoy my fellow knuckle-draggers' blog.

Planned (Klanned?) Parenthood

So in my hours cruising through the net I came across this "Death Roe" Site. It was about how thankful the people of my generation (now in our teens and twenties) should feel because our parents didn't decide to about us as part of the one-third of our generation that was aborted. That site was light and had lots of happy faces, in general somewhat uplifting despite the dark overtones of its message.
It had a link though to this site called Klanned Parenthood. The icon for it was a guy in klan hood and doctor's white overcoat with a chainsaw that dripped blood. The site is dark with bright red everywhere. Its very graphic. Anyways there main point is that abortion has had an especially bad effect on the African American community. As many black children are aborted as are born for instance. They could tone down the polemics, but it presented Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion movement in a light that hadn't thought of before.
I didn't look at all the abortion pictures they have cause I am a wuss and it would just break my heart to see those poor children.

I saw this and just knew that I had to tell the world

Has anyone ever asked you that question: Why does Hawaii have interstates? I know that I like to ask it every now and again. Its ironic and seemingly a non sequitur right? After all the name interstate implies that it links two or more states.
Guess what? There is a website (I think it's setup by Hawaii DOT) that explains this quandry. Why or how I find these things, please don't ask.
Apparently the Hawaii interstate system springs from the need to move military personnel and materiel around the many installations on Oahu. They built a fourth one for the increased needs of the Vietnam War, but it wasn't finished until more than 20 years after. LOL
Has it struck anyone else as ironic how the more totalitarian a government is the democratic a name it has?
For instance:
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly known as Zaire)
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • People's Republic of China
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
The first is just another banana republic dictator all the other are Marxist regimes. It just strikes me as how they can openly repress the human rights and civil liberities of their people, but they have to have a name to show how "free" their nation is.
Some day though, He will return to establish justice everywhere forever. Marana tha!

Thought for today

So I was thinking about what to post next. A lot of sites have a quote of the day, so I busted out my handy dandy copy of The Imitation of Christ.
Here's today's spiritual quote: Try to bear patiently with the defects and infirmities of others, whatever they may be, because you also have many a fault that others must endure. Book 1 Number 16

Big bang

I'm sure someone has thought of this before, but I think science can only give some of the answers. For instance, science says that the universe was created in a big bang, but where did the material for this bang come from? Who or what causes the bang? Or what drew the matter together to explode?
I always just come back to that one point that someone made (I have no idea who): if you found a watch in the woods would you assume it just randomly grew there?
The world and the universe have to many moving parts that fit perfectly together for it all to be random chance.
Blessed be the Lord.

Wanted: One Seminarian Terrorist

Vatican Cardinal on Condoms: Error in Reporting, I Don't Have the Authority to Produce a Document

So despite the media frenzy and all the hype from liberal Catholics who wanted a Vatican seal of approval on their use of birth control, the new document they were waiting for was never going to happen. Everyone thought that since that cardinal made the statement calling condoms a lesser evil among married couples when one is infected with HIV, a lot of people seemed to think the Vatican would do a 180 on 2,000 years of teachings. Read the full story here.
The Catholic Church stands firm as the Church built on the Rock, the only Church (at least in the West) to stand firm and denounce birth control.
Also, I noticed that you won't find this information anywhere in the mainstream media. It seems like either they're too ashamed to admit it or they want people to think that the Church has abandonned its age old teaching

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So here's another random thought. I know that I have shared this with a lot of people already, but I don't care... I'll say here too.
So Jesus was asleep when the boat was rocking in the storm as they went across the Sea of Galilee. They woke Him up to calm the storm. Did He go right back to sleep?


Chinese underground bishop released

The Chinese government released a bishop from the underground Catholic Church which still remains faithful to Rome. Apparently, this is the eighth time he had been arrested. Thanks be to God.
from the Catholic News Agency, Cbr

Yellowcake! Josama Enters Arms Race

That's right Josama bin Wilsey has decided to stockpile yellow cake or something like it. Read all about it here.

Jewish and Christian Students Sue College Over Religious Freedom to Oppose Homosexuality

"Two students are suing their college over tolerance policies that forbid any criticism of homosexuality. The students say their religious freedom is being trampled by the administration."
Full story here.
This is in Atlanta, GA. The school apparently is Georgia Tech. They also got in trouble for protesting the Vagina Monologues according to the story.
Its finally happened: political correctedness has become so pervasive and overbearing that it oppresses everyone who doesn't go along with their agenda.
Besides when did it become the case that college students got in trouble for protesting? That's almost like reprimanding them for having a party with alcohol, it's part of the experience.

Just the first of my random thoughts here

I have a 3 page essay to write before tomorrow afternoon that I just started 10 minutes ago, but there's blogging to done so it will wait.
Jesus told us that to love God and to love our neighbor is the sum of the Law. I think loving your neighbor is definitely the harder one of the two. Loving God is easy: it comes up with all sorts of perks and He doesn't have annoying human habits like letting His dog poo on your lawn or taking the last donut cause He's perfect. Its easy to love perfection.
Loving your neighbor requires looking over all sorts of annoying habits and most of the time for no personal benefit. So why bother?
And then I remember its because we can find Our Lord in our fellow human beings. That's why.

But its just soooo much harder!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So Sahwy

From Catholic Ragemonkey:
"Dear China:
So dreadfully sorry that someone disagreeing with policy in your country was heard on air. It must have been upseting to come to a country where you don't have absolute control over public opinion, citizen's lives, and the economy. If you are willing to overlook this little misunderstanding, we would accept happily any and all products which you mass-produce so that we Americans may buy in bulk.
As a modest proposal for good will between your people and ours, we would like to participate in your society's tactics by arresting and silencing this person. While we want this good will, we'll pass on torture and coersion, unless that will get a better price on manufactured goods.

Yours Truly,
J. Swift.

(In case you didn't catch it, this was intended as satire. Make of it as you will.)"

We should apologoze for our freedom of speech the day they apologize for their human rights abuses, including the attempted suppression of the Church (in other words never!).
So when you think of Marian apparitions where do you think of?
Probably someplace in Europe like Italy, Fatima or Medjugorje (Medjugorje is not Church approved btw).
Ever heard of Vailankanni? The Blessed Virgin appeared there in southern India.

She also appeared in Akita, Japan and Zeitun, Egypt. I always find it so amazing how universal such things are. It just shows so much how Catholicism need not be Eurocentric.

It cracked me up to see Jay Leno make an advertisement for iPod with the Pope!
Thanks to the Curt Jester for pointing this out.
Today is April 25th. Do you know what that means?

That's right National Pro-life T-shirt Day has come again.

Outsourcing pregancy and childbirth

Indian women are agreeing to be pregnant with someone else's child:
Wombs for rent in India
Women are getting paid as surrogate mothers to help Western couples with infertility problems. Is such outsourcing a logical outgrowth of India's fast economic growth or an ethically troubling trend?
from the (full story here)

Its an ethically troubling trend of course. The human body and its organs are not some commodities to be bought, sold, or rented out. Its sick that people pay other people to be pregnant with their child. Why can't they adopt one of the many children already out there who need parents?

Pray a Rosary for an end to Marxism

In the news lately there's been a lot about the recent protests in Nepal, but in the background you have to wonder how much the Maoist rebels are behind it all. It is known that the major political parties have allied themselves with the Maoists. They have also decided to continue their blockade despite the fact that the protests are over. At least the media reports on the Maoists in Nepal and the danger they pose to the Nepalese people. The only other commie insurgency that the media seems to report on is the FARC and on occasion the ELN, both are Colombian groups.
At the same time, commie insurgents in India and the Phillipines go unreported by the Media. They continue to wreak havoc, but the world is blithely unaware.
Everyone tells me that the Cold War is over, but I would point out that well over one billion people still live under Marxist rule. China may have changed its economic system, but a commie government by any other system remains oppressive. Of course lets not forget Vietnam or Laos and nobody has forgotten the North Koreans.
The point of my ranting is that I think we should all pray a rosary for an end to Marxism, branch and root. An end to all political parties including the ones in the West (Italy has the largest outside of a Marxist nation), An end to Marxist rule, An end to Marxist insurgency, Healing from the ill effects they have wrought
Our Lady of Fatima Pray for an end to Marxism

Pope Blog

This blog is all about anything and everything to do with the Pope. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be updated often.

Curt Jester

If you like humor with your Catholicism, I reccomend the Curt Jester.

Catholic Extension

A priest making his way up some 6,000 feet of mountain to get to mass. He makes 80 mile round trips to visit parishioners. It sounds like some exotic foreign mission territory from Maryknoll. Actually, it is in Eastern Oregon. You can read the full story here.
Catholic Extension helps farflung missions in the US. Its really interesting some of the situations they get involved with. Of course, on the more mundane level, they do things like help St Augustine's in Moscow, ID get a new roof.

Monday, April 24, 2006

St Joan of Arc Center

This site is set up by the St Joan of Arc Center, which is dedicated exclusively to the study of all things Joan (one of my favorite saints since forever).

My buddy Joe's blog

My good buddy Joe Wilsey has a blog. Here it is.


Divine Mercy is no ‘secondary devotion’ but an integral dimension of Christian faith, prayer, says Pope

Divine Mercy isn't just a neat devotion it is an integral part of the Christian faith. The Christian faith is all about the mercy of God. Even the Pope said so yesterday .

Vatican is NOT changing Catholic teaching

Catholic News Agency published an article today that the Catholic Church is not actually changing 2,000 years of tradition despite a cardinal's unfortunate comments. I guess a lot of people actually thought it was going to change.


So this is basically a trial posting. Welcome to my blog. I am learning this blogging thing as I go.

50 days after is a reference to Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles, cause its 50 days after the joyous celebration of Our Lord's Resurrection, Easter.
I am Catholic and an ardent believer in the ancient Church founded by none other than Jesus Christ Himself on the Rock (Peter).