Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PT uniform at Mass

The drought is over. I know that I haven't posted much lately. I need to start taking more time for myself to do these sort of things before I go crazy.
I have seen on other St Blogs where people have complained about attire at Mass. I have a similar rant, but with a somewhat different angle.
It drives me nuts to see Soldiers come to Mass wearing their PT uniforms. I understand that we are deployed and didn't bring our Sunday best, but there are 2 primary reasons a Soldier wears PTs: sleepwear and working out. So more than likely they either just rolled out of bed and walked to the chapel or Mass is worked around their workouts.
ACUs (the digital gray uniforms you see on the newscasts from Iraq/Afghanistan) aren't anything special but they are the only other clothes that Soldiers have over there. And they are certainly a more respectful outfit than your sleep/workout clothes.