Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes 4/20/12

  1. Set up a new tab for browsing through the saint quizzes. I posted XV this week and no one's gotten it yet.
  2. One month and roughly 50 applications and resumes later, still unemployed. Thank God for my old commander who drilled into me the importance of an emergency fund.
  3. Random trivia: Today is the day that stoners throughout the country look forward to. Its also Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine shootings.
  4. I'm refusing this year to turn on my AC until it reaches at least 95. I'm determined to pinch those pennies, but there have been a few days where the temperature got close to 90 and I almost gave in. I'm glad for some cloudy whether yesterday and today.
  5. With all my unexpected spare time of late, I checked out a book from the library and I've been trying to teach myself Biblical Greek. I've got the alphabet down, but I'm having trouble slogging through the conjugations and such.
  6. I've also been writing short stories and self-publishing them on the Amazon Kindle store, because its free, I like being a "published" author and maybe someone might actually buy them.  (Yes, that was a shameless plug.)
  7. Glory to Jesus Christ, True God and True Man.
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May God bless all who read my ramblings,

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