Friday, January 25, 2013

3 Questions that make you think

For some reason this morning I have had the latin question "Quid est veritas?" (What is truth?) stuck in my head. I was thinking that maybe I should write a post on it, but I already have.
Also, I was just now listening to Angele Dei by Cradle Catholic (heavy metal song with the Latin Prayer). Which led to me thinking on the Latin question "Quis ut Deus?" because I was thinking about angels and Michael is one and his name in Latin is "Quid ut Deus?" which means "Who is like God?".
Still with me?
Then I started thinking about questions in the Bible. There are just certain questions that stand out from the others. Sometimes a question that is left unanswered can be just as instructive as a parable or proverb. I thought about questions from the Bible that really make you stop and reflect. These are questions that reach to the core of our experience as Humans. I can think of three. If you can think of others, by all means feel free to add them in the comments. Really, I'd love to read your thoughts on this and anything you have to add.

Without further rambling, here are the three questions:

I actually heard a friend say once that the rest of the Bible is a response to this question:  "Am I my brother's keeper?"-- Cain Genesis 4:9
"What is truth?"-- Pontius Pilate John 18:38
"Who is like God?" The name Michael means "Who is like God?". It is a rhetorical rebuke to Satan who dared to declare himself God's equal.

May God bless all who read my ramblings,

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