Sunday, September 03, 2006

Peter's Barque

Lord, the wind and waves assault the hull and the sail
Yet, You guaranteed the gates of hell will not prevail
Despite the storm You sleep in the back, unafraid
"Lord Jesus", we cry, "Awake and come to our aid."
On the command of His voice the storm is gone
Even now, we are in awe like Peter and John

Who is this Man who commands and calms the storm
He is the Word made flesh, He is the incarnate Lord
Still today many journey with Jesus in Peter's boat
We journey to our home, Heaven so remote
Still today we hear his words, "Do not be afraid."
Death and pain may come, but He is our aid

Storms and trials will come, but the boat will not sink

Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!

1 comment:

Sarah Reinhard said...

I love the imagery in this poem, and it makes me feel still and quiet. Thank you for sharing it!