Sunday, March 25, 2007

Almost Palm Sunday 2007

Sunday has come here in Fairbanks like everywhere else. This week though I finally decided to go to the Tridentine mass offered here at the House of Prayer across the parking lot from Sacred Heart Cathedral. I had never been to a Tridentine mass before and I went as a matter of curiousity.
I didn't think to grab one of the booklets with the responses and English translations, but I still understood more than I thought I would and I really enjoyed it. Of course what I enjoyed most were the people.
Unlike Sacred Heart and Immaculate Conception where I had been going before, the people were welcoming and very warm. I met almost everyone in the group. I had conversations with several of them.
This is of course compared to the other parishes, where a total of 1 person over the course of 4 months introduced themself and we had some conversation. The most that I heard from anyone else at the other parishes was "Anyone sitting there" or "Excuse me".
I go to mass because it is Heaven on Earth and it is nourishing to my soul, but we must all admit that it is much more pleasant when the people are more open and accepting. I am definitely going to that mass from now on.

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