Sunday, July 08, 2007

Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Cross

Yesterday when I went on my rant about the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit I mentioned the cross they have behind their house and that Fr. Celso explained the meaning. I realized that I hadn't said what it meant and I couldn't remember much of it myself so I looked it up. Above is a picture I took from their website. I found the explanation and picture here.
An excerpt from the site quotes from Conchita's vision:

"I saw a great fire, like white rays of light which were very vivid and brilliant. It was stronger than electrical light. In the center of that light I saw a white dove with its wings spread out. I saw under the dove, in the depths of that great light, a huge cross with a heart in the center of it. This heart had very sharp thorns that surrounded it. It was painful to see the thorns so tightly wrapped around the heart that they were piercing it. This heart had a lance piercing its side, and out of this wound came blood that flowed on the cross. The heart had life. It was beating like a human heart, but it was a glorified heart. It was surrounded by a fire that seemed to glow and sparkle like the fire of a hearth. From the top of the heart came a different type of fire. It was of greater intensity. The flames came out with violence as if coming out of a volcano. As the fire flickered and the flames moved back and forth, a small cross--which seemed to come out of the heart--could be seen. "

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