Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pope and Chinese Visit

Would or could the pope ever visit China? According to high authority in the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, not until the Vatican breaks ties with Taiwan. So don't count on a papal visit anytime soon.
From the Catholic News Agency:
Beijing, Jul 26, 2007 / 09:41 am (CNA).- The second in command of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, Mr. Liu Bainian, has said that a visit by the Pope to China requires certain conditions be met first.
Mr. Bainian’s comments came in lieu of an interview that he gave to the Italian daily La Repubblica earlier this week. In that interview he said, “I hope with all my strength to be able to see the pope one day here in Beijing, celebrating Mass for us Chinese." However, he claims that this quote was taken out of context.
Mr. Bainian clarified his remarks by telling the China Daily that before a papal visit can occur, “The Vatican must sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan and stop interfering in China's internal affairs if it wants to normalize ties with Beijing.”
"What I meant was I hoped the Pope could visit China and celebrate Mass but only after normalization of diplomatic ties.”
"If the two issues can be resolved properly, the two sides will have favorable conditions to improve ties."

Congratulations Mr. Bainan, you are officially a tool of the atheistic government of Communist China. It seems that you have been compromised, to say the least, as a clergyman.
Personally, I would like to see the Pope visit Taiwan and South Korea. Maybe in some way his visits could expedite the fall of Communism in East Asia. Pope John Paul II the Great was instrumental in bringing down European Communism. Maybe, Pope Benedict the XVI will play a similar role in Asia.
In the words of Nikita Kruschev: "We will bury you!"

Our Lady of La Vang pray for an end to Communism.
St Andrew Kim pray for an end to Communism.
Fr. Emil Kapaun, Servant of God, pray for an end to Communism.

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