Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eco Stations and Passion of the Earth

Fr. Z (and subsequently others) posted about the Ecological Stations of the Cross. Then I remebered something from the Benedictine Monastery near my hometown.
They have what they call the Passion of the Earth.
A quick excerpt before I continue: "And so God dreams and hopes as the cosmos stands poised at a point of decision. A new paroxysm of divine, human, and cosmic energy stands ready to explode and heal. We will decide: a re-creation or continue destruction; a dream of hope or the nightmare of our greed."
While the Ecological Stations of the Cross are at least nominally about the Passion of Christ, these are blatantly just some eco-spiritual... I'll let you decide.
Btw, these are also the same women who pray the Lord's prayer as "Our Mother, Our Father who art in heaven..."

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