Sunday, March 23, 2008

Help him become a priest

Hat tip to Byzantine, TX

From his site:

Since my early childhood and at every major signpost of my life, the warm covering maternal presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary has been constantly felt. Ultimately, I believe God has been calling me to live wholly for Himself, and I also believe this calling will culminate in my eventually becoming a priest. Specifically, a priest for the Basilian Salvatorian Fathers. The Salvatorians are located in Methuen, Massachusetts and are an order whose charisms include: Prayer, Ministering the Holy Sacraments, Parish Missions, Evangelization, Youth Ministry, giving Retreats. They also have a particular charism and role for fostering Christian unity and reconciliation between the two lungs of the universal Church: the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox...I am now set to embark upon the next phase of my vocation, which is to pursue the ministerial priesthood eventually within the confines of Saint Basil’s Seminary in Methuen, MA. I hope to first be able to begin my Novotiate with the Basilian Salvatorians this September. In order for me to accomplish this goal, I need first to alleviate my student loan debt of $72,000, coming from attending an expensive Catholic university for the past 4 years.The dynamic Catholic orthodoxy of Franciscan University of Steubenville was wonderful, but it was also very costly.
Throughout my attendance I was living mostly on student loans and working part time on the side. Now, in order for me to proceed toward the ministerial priesthood unhindered, I must make an all-out effort to become debt-free. I am presently working two jobs, and am trusting in Divine Providence to help fill in the financial gap via the graciousness of holy and generous would-be benefactors that are willing to support my vocation spiritually and even monetarily. I must not allow this temporary financial hurdle to hold me back from fulfilling God’s call on my life. Mother Teresa reportedly once said, “God has a lot of money; you just have to find out whose pocket it’s in.”And this is why I beseech you, my dear friend(s) and would-be benefactor(s) – to not only adopt me prayerfully and spiritually, thus becoming my spiritual sponsor(s), but if you feel God inspiring you to help me monetarily, then it would be a double-blessing for me and for you as well, who would be investing in a holy priest that will forever enfold you and all your needs in his heart, daily masses and prayers...
Please take note, I cannot begin my Novitiate until I am completely debt free by this September of 2008. All $72,000 must be paid off before I set foot into the Novitiate.

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