Monday, August 11, 2008


I, like everyone else I bet, doubt from time to time the Catholic faith and even God himself. But I some relief in knowing that even the apostles doubted. In today's Gospel reading, Peter doubted as he walked out on the water toward Jesus and he almost drowned. At the end of Matthew it says that the eleven were on a mountain worshipping Jesus, but some doubted. I mean they saw all the miracles. For crying out loud He was even raised from the dead, but still they doubted. Even still He chose these doubters as apostles. There's hope for me yet.


catholicandgop said...

A lot of the time reading through the gospels I can't believe the things the Apostles do, but its human nature I guess.

I have to give St. Peter a lot of credit though, he had enough faith to step out of the boat to begin with, none of the others even got that far.

Moonshadow said...

Did they doubt after Pentecost, though? They were eyewitnesses, sure, so they have the jump on us in that respect. But we've got well-honed articulations of the catholic Faith, not to mention the supernatural helps of "another Paraclete". (John 14:16)

I have doubts, too, lots of 'em, almost all the time, but I still think I'm without excuse, Romans 1:20.