Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Unnamed Biblical Characters Meme

The rules for this meme are simple:
1. Name yoiur three favorite unnamed characters from the Bible
2. Tag three friends
3. Link to this post.

My three favorite unnamed characters:
1. The good thief
2. The centurion who declared "Truly this man was the Son of God"
3. Samaritan woman at the well

I tag:
Ironic Catholic

May God bless all who read my ramblings,


Adrienne said...

I'll have to give this some thought...

Thanks for thinking of me.

Allen's Brain said...

I wasn't tagged, but...
1. The companion of Cleopas on the Emmaus Road Luke 24:18
2. The young man in Mark 14:51 (Is it Mark?)
3. Potiphar's wife (Gen 39:7)
Runner-up: Noah's wife; so I don't have to keep calling here "Joan of Ark."

Adrienne said...

Contra - I've been thinking about this and I don't want to ruin your day but the good thief has a name (but, of course, that doesn't count if you didn't know that)

His name is Dismas. It's so much nicer to call your friends by name ;-)

I'm still thinking. This is a HUGE assignment for me. heh

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

He is traditionally known as St. Dismas, however I chose him because he is not named in the Bible.