Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pray a Rosary for an end to Marxism

In the news lately there's been a lot about the recent protests in Nepal, but in the background you have to wonder how much the Maoist rebels are behind it all. It is known that the major political parties have allied themselves with the Maoists. They have also decided to continue their blockade despite the fact that the protests are over. At least the media reports on the Maoists in Nepal and the danger they pose to the Nepalese people. The only other commie insurgency that the media seems to report on is the FARC and on occasion the ELN, both are Colombian groups.
At the same time, commie insurgents in India and the Phillipines go unreported by the Media. They continue to wreak havoc, but the world is blithely unaware.
Everyone tells me that the Cold War is over, but I would point out that well over one billion people still live under Marxist rule. China may have changed its economic system, but a commie government by any other system remains oppressive. Of course lets not forget Vietnam or Laos and nobody has forgotten the North Koreans.
The point of my ranting is that I think we should all pray a rosary for an end to Marxism, branch and root. An end to all political parties including the ones in the West (Italy has the largest outside of a Marxist nation), An end to Marxist rule, An end to Marxist insurgency, Healing from the ill effects they have wrought
Our Lady of Fatima Pray for an end to Marxism

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