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"The Warning": Needs a Warning Label of Its Own

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Anita from V for Victory! has agreed to be my first guest blogger here at 50 Days After:
I have, for the second time, just had my attention drawn to a website called "The Warning."  I will not link to it.  It purports to contain prophecies and revelations transmitted by God to somebody called "Maria Divine Mercy" to the effect that the end of the world will come in our lifetime.  What it actually is is a syllabus of errors of a major order regarding the Catholic faith.  Witness:

-- Absolution is possible without sacramental confession.  This website promises "total absolution and the power of the Holy Spirit" if a particular prayer is recited for seven days in a row.  (Also confuses the distinction between a plenary indulgence and absolution.)  God grants absolution through the priest in confession.  We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit through Baptism (CCC at 1265), and the increase of the Spirit's gifts and strength in Confirmation (CCC at 1303).

-- Paradise on earth.  This website says that the Second Coming of Christ will usher in a new earthly paradise for a thousand years.  Actually, what it will usher in will be the end of the world (CCC at 681).  Millenarianism is a heresy (CCC at 676).

-- God suffers in heaven.  The website says: "I am God of the Most High who, because of the free will I have given to all of My children, will have to suffer enduring pain until the New Paradise on earth evolves."  This is a tissue of absurdities.  God, being perfect, possesses perfect happiness in heaven and does not suffer.  Plus, this smacks of millenarianism. 

-- Promise of a seal.  A "seal of the living God" is promised upon the recitation of a prayer.  Once again, we are promised grace bypassing the Sacraments.  We already have a seal: the indelible characters of Baptism and particularly Confirmation (CCC at 1293-96).  The alleged "seal" promised to the followers of this seer purports to protect them from physical tribulations under Antichrist.  We all know from experience that the real seal on our soul conferred by the Sacrament of Confirmation does not protect us from temporal problems.

-- The Catholic Church has taught error.  The website claims that the Catholic Church has abandoned the true teachings of Christ, has taught that hell does not exist, and therefore she will be "cast aside" into the desert, and the "False Prophet" will amalgamate her with other, false religions.  Of course this is false (CCC at 869), and ought to alarm any knowledgeable Catholic.

-- The "True Church" will be built by the Jews and the followers of this seer.  This website identifies the two witnesses in the book of Revelation as the followers of this seer and the Jews.  After describing how they will be persecuted, the seer says: "Both will feel defeated but this will not be the case for you will form, along with all other religions, the one true Church – the New Jerusalem which will rise from the Ashes."  So, if that's the case, then the gates of hell DO prevail against the Church, and Christ is NOT with her all days until the consummation of the world.  Jesus, then, is a liar, and therefore not God.

These are just some of the glaring errors, gleaned from a cursory review of this website.  People, wake up.  "The Warning" is heretical, and these "revelations" are a fraud.  Do not be taken in.  Look to Scripture and Tradition to find out God's will for us, and don't waste your time on cockamamie "seers."

May God bless all who read her ramblings,

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