Sunday, December 02, 2012

Nativity prefigures the Mass/Divine Liturgy?

I saw this picture and it got my mind going about connections between the Mass/Divine Liturgy and the Nativity of Christ:
Wake Up and Smell the Incense

I thought about incense brought to the Christ Child and that made a connection in my mind with the fact that a manger is where you place animal feed, which made me remember that Jesus in the manger prefigures the Eucharist. I thought about it, incense and Eucharist, and then it came to me that in the Mass and the Divine Liturgy one worships with the angels in Heaven. The shepherds worshiped alongside the angels as they adored God made flesh in the manger.
I know the first Divine Liturgy was on the road to Emmaus. It couldn't be the Nativity after all because there was no Eucharist before the sacrifice on the cross. However, it seems to me that the Nativity is a prefiguring of the Mass and the Divine Liturgy.

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