Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Catholic Carnival 100

Catholic Carnival 100 is up. Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering is this week host. View the carnival here.

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Unknown said...

Hey there! It was interesting finding this blog, because I'm actually the creator and writer of the Captain Catholic series (Tony DeGennaro - I also acted as Captain Catholic in the series). Thanks for the kind words about the series - although yes, as far as the devil horns and hitler mustaches, I wasn't thinking about how they might be offensive when I put them on. The series is primarily targeted towards teenagers, so it's meant to be taken lightly. You have a good point though - people not a part of the discussion group wouldn't know that.

It's hard to script because I want to have the Church's authentic teaching as the main part of the series, but it's hard to target towards teenagers without putting in 'gags' such as hitler mustaches. You're correct, Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus is an extremely important part of our Church today, something I was thinking about as I made the video - the thing is it's target audience (the 600 teenagers in the discussion group) are mostly liberal teenage pseudo-Catholics - in other words, they need something to bring them back to the Church, and I thought this message would draw them in.

As a fellow Catholic I'd love to have more advice from you. I want to make sure I'm following the Church's teachings, I do hours of research for each episode. My email address is degennaroa2@scranton.edu

Also, if you remember from watching the video, the primary idea of the series is the discussion board, which is located here:


There's about 600 members now. I also have a few multi-page essays explaining the purpose of each episode and the Catholic Church's viewpoint. Thanks for watching, take care and God Bless