Saturday, September 08, 2007

Go Vandals!!!

Its football season again. And again I ask St Jude for his prayers for my beloved alma mater the University of Idaho.
I am a little late, our first game was last week against the USC Trojans. If you know anything about college football you can imagine how it ended and so I will spare everyone the details. And so I finish with the UI fight song:

Came a tribe from the North, brave and bold,
Bearing banners of Silver and Gold;
Tried and true to subdue all their foes!
Vandals! Vandals!

Go, Vandals, go,
Fight on with hearts true and bold.
Foes will fall before your Silver and your Gold
The victory cannot be withheld from thee;
So all bear down for Idaho,
Come on, old Vandals, go!

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