Monday, September 24, 2007

3rd Episcopal Bishop Converting

It says a lot when a Church has bishops that are converting. Its not as though there is only one or only one this year. So far three Episcopal Bishops have swam or declared their intention to swim the Tiber.
From the Catholic News Agency:
Bishop Jeffrey Steenson of Rio Grande, New Mexico is expected to announce his decision on Monday, reported The Living Church.

"I believe that the Lord now calls me in this direction. It amazes me, after all of these years, what a radical journey of faith this must necessarily be. To some it seems foolish; to others disloyal; to others an abandonment," said the bishop in a statement prepared for the House of Bishops, which was meeting in New Orleans...
Bishop Steenson will be the third bishop of the Episcopal Church to become a Roman Catholic this year. Bishop Dan Herzog of Albany moved shortly after his retirement in January. Bishop Clarence C. Pope, retired Bishop of Fort Worth, returned to Roman Catholicism in August.

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