Monday, January 14, 2008

Bats in the Church

There was once a beautiful church, but the trouble was that it was infested with bats and that was causing many problems.
To fix the problem, a Franciscan was recruited since St Francis was known to be good with animals. The Franciscan coaxed the bats into boxes and released them far from the church. However, they returned the next night.
Next a Jesuit was brought to help. However, his solution was to bring a shotgun and open fire, so he was sent away before he could wreak his havoc on this beautiful church.
Finally, a parish priest was brought in to help. He catechized the bats and then they were all baptized. The bats have not been seen since.


Jennie C. said...

Ha! This one made into yesterday's homily, too. :-)

Rachel said...

So this guy was at a racetrack looking over the field, and he noticed there was a priest making the Sign of the Cross before one of the horses. "I'll bet on that one," thought the guy. He did and the horse won!

Next race, the priest could be seen making the Sign of the Cross before another of the horses, so the guy bet on that one too, and won. So it went all afternoon, and the guy won every race by betting on whichever horse the priest blessed.

Finally came the last race, and the priest stood before one of the horses. Not only did he cross its forehead, but he also stooped down and crossed both its front hooves. "Wow, that one will definitely win!" thought the guy, and he bet all he had on the horse. The race started, the horse fell behind, and then it collapsed and died. The guy lost all his money.

Furious, he stormed up to the priest. "What's wrong with you?? I was betting on the horses you were blessing, but when I bet it all on that last horse he couldn't even finish the race!"

The priest shook his head. "That's the problem with you Protestants. Can't tell the difference between a blessing and the Annointing of the Sick!"