Friday, January 11, 2008

GI June

I discover GI June today. Its a site authored by wives of servicemen. I like the list of patron saint they have on the side:

Our Lady Queen of Peace

St Genevieve, who encouraged her countryment to
employ fasting and prayer in the face of a military invasion

St George
the Dragon Slayer, Patron Saint of the Cavalry

St Sebastian, Patron
Saint of the Grunt

St Barbara, Patron Saint of Artillery and
Artillerists, explosive handlers and sappers.

St Michael, Patron Saint
of Paratroopers and Commandos.

St Theresa, Patron Saint of Aviators

Saints Brendan and Brigid, Patron Saints of Navigators and Sailors

St Joan of Arc, Patron Saint of Servicewomen

St Leonard, Patron
Saint of Prisoners of War

St Martin of Tours, Patron Saint of Soldiers

St Columba, Patron Saint of Sailors and Warriors

I would also like to mention St Ignatius of Loyola, (who was once a Spanish Soldier) St Francis of Assisi (a Soldier also), Servant of God Father Emil Kapaun (a US Army chaplain martyred by Communist Chinese), and St Florian ( a Roman Soldier). Heck, the Pope was even a Soldier!

As a Soldier I like the idea behind their site, especially as my own wife knows well that I will leave soon.


Michelle said...

Actually, only 2 of us are wives to servicemembers. The other 2 are just strong, patriotic supporters of freedom and country. I'll email your suggestions for additional saints to Barb who started it all.

My sister and her family just moved to the Fairbanks area and her husband (a Kiowa pilot) is to deploy later this year...just curious if you'll be on that same deployment. I hope your wife meets/knows other good Catholic moms (locally). That will be a big help to her.

Anonymous said...

The Lord bless you and keep you.

May He also be with your wife and new baby in a special way while you are gone.

Easter Almuena said...

Hello Dear Brother,
It is always good to visit your site. I know many devoted Catholic homeschooling moms whose husband's in the military. They display such amazing courage in raising their children especially when the husband is away. Praying for those husbands is always a priority to me. It would be my honor to include you on to my other blog: Eucharist and Rosary Novena. Email me at I can use your pen name. Let me know.
God bless you abundantly, dear brother!