Saturday, December 20, 2008

Adopt A Catholic Blog

I originally published this in September, but I decided to make it a sticky and leave it on the main page for a bit.

I came up with an idea this morning of adopting a blog. I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that this sort of thing should start within St Blog's Parish before it moved out into the greater blogosphere.
By adopting you would keep the author(s) in your prayers and link to their site on your sidebar (if you have a site). But you would also read their blog with some frequency, maybe blog on one of their posts, and comment on his or her blog as you see fit.
Here's the basic ground rules:
1) You pick a blog and leave a comment under this post marking which blog you adopted. I am not going to assign the blogs out. I am deploying soon and I don't think I'll have time for that.
2) If someone has already taken that blog please move on and find another one there are plenty out there. I know everyone wants to adopt the Curt Jester, but lesser known bloggers need your prayers too. That's not to say that that you can't still pray for Jeff at the Curt Jester on top of your adopted blogger.
3) Tell other bloggers in St Blog's Parish. I have a lesser known blog and I don't have the visibility of the Curt Jester or American Papist. Besides, I am leaving soon and I don't know how much time I will have for blogging.


Therese said...

Great idea ACM. I will have a think about it and let you know which blog I am going to adopt.

God bless

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!

I think I shall adopt Angela from the Saint School blog (

Roses and Jessamine said...

I've adopted Therese's Aussie Coffee Shop.

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

Ok, so I have been remiss. I have not lead from the front on this effort. I was slow in adopting and others have beat me to it.
I will correct that now and adopt Faith and Country

catholicandgop said...

I would like to adopt 50 Days After (

Therese said...

I have adopted Australia Incognita.

SWP said...

I adopt Julie at Happy Catholic.

St. Abdon, pray for us!

Deanna said...

I adopt Ebeth at Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars.

Corey said...

I will adopt "A Catholic Texan" I am a brand spankin new blogger, my site is I have only one post so far.