Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes 18 FEB 2011

1. The burning bush is often seen, especially in Eastern Christianity, as a prefiguring of Mary. See more.

2. Pope Benedict XVI is apparently considering a visit to Iraq to visit the Ur.

3. A closed parish in Albany is being sold to a college fraternity. I remember what went on in frat houses when I was in college and I have to say that I don't like the idea of it happening, even if it is a closed parish and no longer in use.

4. The Thomas More Law Center has appealed to the Supreme Court against the City of San Francisco for its open hostility to the Catholic Church and it's teachings. So much for the government not favoring one faith over another.

5. Someone had the time and inclination to come up with an anti-laser. I'm still wondering when there would be a need for such a thing, outside of a Sci-fi movie. I'm sure someone else with the time and inclination will come up with a practical reason.

6. I've noticed lately that's its really hard to find an old fashioned barber shop anymore. Everywhere seems to become a metrosexual beauty salon anymore.

7. "O eternal Trinity, You are a deep sea in which the more I seek the more I find, and the more I find, the more I seek to know You. You fill us insatiably, because the soul, before the abyss which You are, is always famished; and hungering for You, O eternal Trinity, it desires to behold truth in Your light. As the thirsty hart pants after the fount of living water, so does my soul long to leave this gloomy body and see You as You are, in truth." --St Catherine of Siena

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