Friday, February 25, 2011

Love and Knowledge

"Love is inseparable from knowledge."
-- St Marcarius

May God bless all who read my ramblings,

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Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Faithful,

Here is what a real Catholic Hero looks like.

He stands up against a World of God and His Christ hating men:

Most Reverend Bernard Barsi, Archbishop of Monaco, stated that membership in Freemasonry, regardless of obedience chosen, was incompatible with membership of the Catholic Church. And this, in response to formal installation, February 19, the Grand Lodge national regular of the Principality of Monaco (GLNRPM), first in Monaco where Catholicism is the State religion. And where the heir to the throne of the Grimaldi must be derived from the "sacred marriage links".

"The constant teaching of the Catholic Church is clear on this subject and has been confirmed by a statement of the Congregation of the doctrine of the faith, dated November 26, 1983, explains Archbishop." "The negative judgment of Freemasonry Church remained unchanged, because its principles were inconsistent with the doctrine of the Church: this is why it remains prohibited by the Church register." "Catholics who are part of Freemasonry are in a State of grave sin and may not approach Holy communion," said Bishop Barsi.

Pray for the Roman Catholic Archbishop.

Say a Hail Mary for the soul of Princess Grace, who must be an advocate for Monaco; I hope she is begging for all of us.