Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Patriarch of Venice

I was going through my RSS feed of EWTN News and I saw an article about the new Patriarch of Venice (Axios! Axios! Axios!).
From the article:
Bishop Francesco Moraglia was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to the important post of Patriarch of Venice on Jan. 31. Despite the enormity of the job, he trusts God will help him succeed...During the 20th century, three former Patriarchs of Venice have gone on to occupy the papacy - Pope Pius X, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul I.
As far as the Latin Church, I knew there was a Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, there used to be a Latin Patriarch of Antioch, and the Papacy stopped using the title Patriarch of the West, but I didn't realize there was a Patriarch of Venice. It piqued my curiosity and I then did what anyone else would do... I looked on Wikipedia. There is currently also a Patriarch of the East Indies (Archbishop of Goa) and a Patriarch of Lisbon. There are also a few historical Latin Patriarchies that have no one holding those titles any longer.

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