Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thank a Priest

When I was still an active duty soldier people would stop me all the time as I walked around in uniform to thank me for my service to our country. I appreciate the sentiment, but I can't stress enough that priests are heroes too and we should thank them for their ministry to the people of God.
I encourage everyone to thank our priests for all that they do.
I came across a website once called and you can post or read a thank you message directed at our priests.
Or even better yet, we can all thank a priest in person. I plan to.

"The eloquence of this liturgy was even more tremendous: and what it said was one, simple, cogent, tremendous truth: this church, the court of the Queen of Heaven, is the real capital of the country in which we are living. This is the center of all the vitality that is in America. This is the cause and reason why the nation is holding together. These men, hidden in the anonymity of their choir and their white cowls, are doing for their land what no army, no congress, no president could ever do as such: they are winning for it the grace and the protection and the friendship of God." --Thomas Merton from Seven Storey Mountain

May God bless all who read my ramblings,

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