Wednesday, May 30, 2012

St Joan of Arc burned for wearing men's clothing

Its true! The inquisitors were not able to have St Joan of Arc condemned to death for any other heresy, so they managed to have her burned at the stake for wearing men's clothing. From the Catholic Encyclopedia:
Moreover, as one of the points upon which she had been condemned was the wearing of male apparel, a resumption of that attire would alone constitute a relapse into heresy, and this within a few days happened, owing, it was afterwards alleged, to a trap deliberately laid by her jailers with the connivance of Cauchon. Joan, either to defend her modesty from outrage, or because her women's garments were taken from her, or, perhaps, simply because she was weary of the struggle and was convinced that her enemies were determined to have her blood upon some pretext, once more put on the man's dress which had been purposely left in her way. The end now came soon. On 29 May a court of thirty-seven judges decided unanimously that the Maid must be treated as a relapsed heretic, and this sentence was actually carried out the next day (30 May, 1431) amid circumstances of intense pathos.
She actually had dispensation from French bishops to wear male clothing, but this was not recognized by the English inquisitors.
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