Monday, March 25, 2013

Calming of the storms

The other day I was reading an abbreviated version of the story of Jonah to Princess. As I was reading, I noticed for the first time that Jonah was asleep as the storm raged. I've read the story before and I'm sure that I read that part before, but it stuck out to me this time because I thought about Jesus sleeping in Peter's barque as the storm raged on the Sea of Galilee.

I was struck by how much Jonah on the boat as the storm raged was the opposite of Jesus in the boat as the storm raged. Both were fast asleep during the storm. Jesus calmed it, but in Jonah's case it calmed when he was thrown overboard. Jonah was running away from his calling among gentiles. Jesus as man as well as God was fulfilling God's will to preach to people on the other shore and traveled among Jews.

Also, Jesus spoke of the sign of Jonah. I get the three days in the whale as three days in the tomb. Does the casting of lots and choosing Jonah to throw overboard correspond with the Jews choosing Jesus for crucifixion over Barabbas?

Peter's barque is a metaphor of the Church so what does that make the boat Jonah was on?


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