Wednesday, January 23, 2008

By any chance

By any chance, does anyone out there know anything about the Apostleship of the Cross?


klaasicbaby said...

The Apostaldo de la Cruz is the lay movement in the Familia de la Cruz- based on the spirituality of Conchita Armida & Fr. Felix Rougier. A group that includes the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit and the Sisters of the Cross, among many others, all trying to live out the Spirituality of the Cross in their differing vocations. Since the Priesthood of Christ is central to the Spirituality of the Cross, members of the Apostolado unite themselves in prayer and support of priests, especially in adoration (which it seems you know the MSpS, so adoration should come at no suprise). The Apostaldo is usually clustered with either the MSpS or the Sisters of Cross, but not necessarily as I think there is an active group in Houston and Las Vegas.

Hope this helps.

aquiros said...

IF you would like to receive information regarding the Apostleship of the Cross and its centers in the US please contact us at
God Bless