Friday, December 23, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Christmas 2012

  1. Christmas is finally upon us! I always love celebrating the Nativity of Our Lord.
  2. The icing on the cake is that this is a four day weekend for me and I get to spend most of it with my daughter. Next weekend is also a four day weekend. I'm going to miss this job!
  3.  I can't wait to show my daughter the playset out in my yard that I got her for Christmas/birthday. She's going to be so happy!
  4. I just found out today that there are plans to make a Doctor Who movie! I know. I am a huge nerd.
  5.  I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel. --Genesis 3:15
  6. Every Christmas I think about the first Christmas tree I got for my new wife. I was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska at the time and it had been -50ish F for about two weeks. She just had to have a real Christmas tree. Lowes and Home Depot were sold out. The only other place in town wanted $60 for their cheapest tree. My platoon sergeant at the time offered to drive me out into the woods on post and help me get one since he had a pickup and I had a hatchback. So right after work (we were on a half day schedule) we drove out into the back woods and started looking around at various trees alongside the road. Finally, we saw a great tree. We got out and slogged through the knee deep snow (It actually snow a lot less there than people think. However, once it snows that snow doesn't melt for a long time so it accumulates) up to the tree. I took the saw and started cutting but apparently not fast enough. "Sir, its too cold for you to take your time cutting it. Give me the saw." So then he finished cutting it down and we threw it in the back of his pickup and dropped it off in my garage. Then we went back to the office so I could get my car and drive it home. By the time I got home she was already there and was very thankful for the tree. I am thankful this Christmas for the wonderful memories that remain.
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