Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saints and Scripture Rider and Two Youths

"But the spirit of the almighty God gave a great evidence of his presence, so that all that had presumed to obey him, falling down by the power of God, were struck with fainting and dread.
For there appeared to them a horse with a terrible rider upon him, adorned with a very rich covering: and he ran fiercely and struck Heliodorus with his fore feet, and he that sat upon him seemed to have armour of gold. Moreover there appeared two other young men beautiful and strong, bright and glorious, and in comely apparel: who stood by him, on either side, and scourged him without ceasing with many stripes.
Arid Heliodorus suddenly fell to the ground, and they took him up covered with great darkness, and having put him into a litter they carried him out."
I have nothing insightful this week, just that this passage from 2 Maccabees is an OT revelation of the Holy Trinity and a fascinating story. Heliodorus had come to take away the treasures of the temple and for his trouble the Rider and Two Young Men appeared and beat him to within an inch of his life. The only thing that saved him was the prayers of the Jewish high priest.

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