Friday, August 24, 2007

One foot in the grave

Anita over at V for Victory! just wrote about the possible demise of our neighboorhood Communist, Castro. As she put it:
I frankly am still not convinced that that really is Old Busywhiskers parading around in front of the press, and that he didn't in fact assume room temperature, on the general principle that anytime a Communist regime says anything about anything, it's safest to believe the opposite.
I am also inclined to believe he is dead and that a body double (Saddam style) is standing in for him and making it appear that the Revolution lives.
She also called him Beardo the Weirdo. I wish I were that creative.
Is it bad of me to wish he is indeed deceased? The only bad news there would be if his brother wished to keep a Commie system. And of course there is the continuing reign of Comrade Chavez in Venezuela. He controls our 3rd largest source of oil. If it isn't disturbing to you that he's in our backyard AND he could potentially grind down our economy by denying us oil, then perhaps you need to check if YOU are alive.

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Anita Moore said...

It's frightening and staggering how much work it will take for Cuba to recover from so many decades of Communist tyranny. And I whine about having to do the dishes.

What wearies me is the following staggeringly ignorant line: "Communism is good in theory; it's just the way it's been practiced that's evil." The record reflects that communism has been tried all over the world, in the most diverse cultural settings, and it leads to mass murder and destruction everywhere it's been tried.