Saturday, August 04, 2007

St Expeditus Prayers

Our dear martyr and protector, Saint Expeditus, you who know what is necessary and what is urgently needed.
I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity, that by your prayers my request will be granted.
(State your petition) May I receive your blessings and favors.
In the Name of our Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
(Place flowers next to statue of St Expeditus in gratitude when prayer is answered.)

I come before you, St Expeditus, to remedy economic problems in my work and in my home and to ask for your powerful support.
Saint Expeditus, protect my income, that I may obtain sufficient money for necessities, and tranquility and joy will reign in my house.
By your grace, blessed saint, I request and I pray that I will achieve my desire.
(State your petition)
And I will give thanks for your glorious intercession. Amen.

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