Saturday, December 29, 2007

Conchita on the Tabernacles

Oh my God, my God! What would become of the world if there were no tabernacles?
They are the lighting conductors, the light, the warmth, the life... the
whiteness, the purity that covers the filthy mud of the Earth... Jesus is there,
and almost every time I draw near Him He asks me for purity, purity, crucified
and clean souls to console Him... The Lord is thirsty for purity and for
the Cross, and yet the world is deaf, wallowing in its dirt and sleeping on its
material comforts. A terrible awakening awaits it that makes me tremble, and
also makes that Heart that is all goodness to men tremble (incredible love!). He
wants His Cross to reign in our hearts- only the Cross can save the world;
spirits can only be sanctified through Him.

Conchita, mystical foundress of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
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