Sunday, December 30, 2007

Noël en toi...

The title of this post translates as "Christmas in you". It was a post that I found on , a French St BlogChemins de lecture (in case you are wondering the blog's name means Paths of Lecture, maybe Learning). I know that December 25 have come and gone, but we are still well withing the 12 days of Christmas. After all, Epiphany is still a week away.
The post on the blog was just a quote:

"Le christ serait-il né mille fois à Bethléem, s'il ne naît pas en toi, c'est en vain qu'il est né" --Angelus Silésius

I have no idea who Angelus Silésius is, but the quote is very beautiful and profound. For those of you who do not read French:
"Christ could be born a thousand times in Bethlehem, if He is not born in you, it is in vain that He was born."

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