Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mission Statement

How many of you think that a mission statement is pointless?
It really should go without saying that the purpose of any parish is the salvation of souls. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI, "This, and nothing else, is the purpose of the Church: the salvation of individual souls." (I got that from the bottom of Dominican Idaho)


Adrienne said...

Hmmmm! I thought the purpose of the church was to be relevant, plant trees, make us feel good about ourselves and, provide entertainment.

Michelle said...

Adrienne, you forgot to include the bringing together of all for the communal sharing of coffee and donuts, and the instruction of felt banner making for children.

See...that's why a mission statement is so pointless: it's very difficult to list all the many important things the Church does.

Saving souls? Yes, I suppose that would be a nice by-product of some of the really important things a Church should be doing...

/sarcasm/ just in case it wasn't obvious.