Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catholic College in Idaho?

I just found out today that Wyoming has a new Catholic College. I have wondered for some time why Idaho doesn't have a Catholic College and/or university. After all, if the least populated state in the union has enough support to have a Catholic College why don't we?
Montana has fewer people than Idaho, but they have TWO Catholic Colleges. A Catholic college near Moscow would be ideal since a college there could draw on the research and other academic infrastructure already in place at the University of Idaho and Washington State. Reciprocal agreements could allow Catholic students use of their libraries and there is the possiblity of taking some classes at UI or WSU.
Idaho has one of the top five fastest population growths in the US. With the recent explosion of people and business in the Treasure Valley it is more than possible to raise the appropriate support. Of course we only have one Catholic High School as well. I take that back, I know of two. Only one is approved by Bishop Driscoll. I understand that Summit Academy set itself up without his approval and I understand that that isn't cool. But with that said it still seems like Bishop Driscoll isn't very supportive of Catholic education in the diocese.
Boise is a missionary diocese and that's all the more reason to establish more Catholic education, to shine our light unto the rest of the state.

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