Friday, October 19, 2007

Reasons to be a Dad

In Catholic Carnival 141 there was a post that had 40 Reasons to have kids. It was from the Mom's perspective.
I saw yesterday that on Un-Muted Mumblings he had posted 40 reasons from the Dad's perspective. I was eager to see what he had since I will be Dad in late Dec.
Among the reasons I like from his list:
5. Kids make you a better man.
6. The first taught me to value the weak.
7. The second taught me the value of prayer (remind me to post his miracle story)
8. The third teaches me the value of Guardian Angels (notice the present tense)
9. Number 4 finally brought me out of my selfishness.
10. The fifth, well lets say my fifth is a good reason for a good fifth. A spitting image of me, but how different they can be.
11. #6 is the beauty following the beast. As collicy and feisty as #5 was, #6 is sweet and mellow.
12. The seventh (on the way) brought home the value of trusting God. Put away the charts and enjoy the married life. (thank you St. Joseph)...
25. Like a knife tempered in the fire and sharpened on a steel, kids provide both for a man's character.
26. We learn discipline starts with ourselves...
30. Wrestling time. When can getting beat be so much fun. Some day they will be able to beat me for real. I will have to give it up a year before that.
31. Games on a winter afternoon.
32. Having more than 2 really irks the liberals.
I am sure there are more than 40 reasons, but I'll have to wait and find out what those are.

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Jennie C. said...

Hello, and congratulations on your impending fatherhood! My beloved is convinced that we're given children so we can get to heaven. I have to agree.