Friday, October 19, 2007

Bishop's Wife Converts

I was reading at that the wife of a Church of Ireland bishop has become Catholic.

Anita Henderson formally converted Sunday in the private chapel of Catholic Bishop John Fleming in Ballina, County Mayo in the west of Ireland. Her husband, Church of Ireland Bishop Richard Henderson, and their three children, were present for the ceremony.
Its always great news to hear that someone else has reconciled themselves to the Catholic Church and joined in the fullness of truth.
The Archbishop who is head of the Church of Ireland, Archbishop Alan Harper had an interesting quote in the article:
"She has made what was for her and her husband a particularly difficult decision and a particularly difficult move. We must now pray that they are sustained in their integrity and continuing ministry. ...There are some awkwardnesses," he said.

I added the emphasis, but I can't help but wonder: how much awkwarness?

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Deacon Bill Burns said...

And I wonder if it's any more awkward than the plural "awkwardnesses"?