Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let Say Thanks.com

Xerox has a site called letssaythanks.com where you pick one of several cards made by children and Xerox mails it for free to a Servicemember in Iraq or Afghanistan. No money on your part, only a few seconds to pick a card, give your name and hometown, then pick a message and submit your card to be sent.

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ink&&ink said...

I think this is so amazing! I'm definitely going to send this link out to everyone i know! i think that xerox is amazing for doing this!

Also, i think its a great think for people to do! the troops deserve to know they have our support and our prayers at all times and every step along the way.

I would definitely encourage anyone to do this! It will give hope and support to our troops, and they deserve it more than anything!

Thank you for this great post, and i hope to spread the word!

Ink for Xerox