Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes 27JAN

1. I'm still trying to understand how or why the speaker at our Young Adult Ministry last night delved into the topic of "Faithful Citizenship" without any material/discussion on Natural Law or Social Contract.To understand the American system you have to understand Social Contract. To properly understand Catholic political thought one has to understand Natural Law. I don't get it.
2. I do very much enjoy the chance to meet new people and sometimes discuss these things to a depth that satisfies me. Its been a great experience. A year ago the only people I knew in town were other Soldiers and Hephzibah's family.
3. Last night I got the chance to talk with one of the guys who plays the music during the Adoration portion of the Young Adult Ministry and ask him why none of the songs are about the Eucharist directly or indirectly. He was a lot more receptive than I thought he would be.
4. I like taking Princess to new restaurants in theory, but in practice its usually more irritating than its worth. First off, when we try a new restaurant all I can usually get her to eat is something like chicken strips or hot dogs which defeats the purpose of going to any kind of ethnic restaurant. And then even if I order from the children's menu she never seems to eat more than two or three bites before she claims to be full. Of course she's hungry again in another half hour.
5. Had an interesting discussion yesterday with a guy who said that he was hesitant about whether or not God was calling him to the priesthood because he wants to make lots of money to give it to the poor. I had never heard that one. His friends explained that as a priest he would be giving all his time and talents to the people everyday. I explained that the rubber has to eventually meet the road. We can't all be the ones to donate money, someone has to eventually take that money and do something with it.
6. I never realized how much stuff with my house that I have put off, not had the time, or only just begun on it. That is until about three weeks ago when I took a whiteboard and filled it full of about 60 things I want/need to do around here. So far I've gotten about half at least underway. I've only actually completed about a dozen.
7. Also, (continued rambling from #1) why would a discussion on Faithful Citizenship not include the parable of the goats and sheep? As you can tell it left me flat.

May God bless all who read my ramblings,

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kkollwitz said...

"We can't all be the ones to donate money, someone has to eventually take that money and do something with it."

I'm gonna remember this.

Barbara Schoeneberger said...

Agree with kkollwitz. You came up with a great line that gets right to the point. Plus, there's no guarantee that just because somebody wants to make a lot of money that he actually will. God has a way of blocking our plans so that we will eventually get with His plan.

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

My own personal take is that people like to be the one who donates because its not as messy.