Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fr Pontifex responds to "Why I Love Jesus, but Hate Religion"

My favorite parts that really hit the nail on head, IMHO:
“the teacher will teach when the students are ready to listen”
"lines about building big churches and feeding the poor sound a bit like Judas when the perfume was being poured"
"blaming religion for contradiction is like staring at death and blaming the hearse"
"if I have the jersey and I'm playing for the Bulls, there's going to be some boundaries, regulations, and rules"

h/t to Being Frank

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Moonshadow said...

This is filmed in a beautiful church, though I find it strange that the Virgin figures so prominently visually, at what I take to be the main altar. (I know it's Queen of All Saints Basilica in Chicago, but still.) It's just really "in your face" Catholicism.

But I gotta say, I couldn't watch the original "Love Jesus / Hate Religion" video - it's simply heresy and makes my stomach turn.