Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just the first of my random thoughts here

I have a 3 page essay to write before tomorrow afternoon that I just started 10 minutes ago, but there's blogging to done so it will wait.
Jesus told us that to love God and to love our neighbor is the sum of the Law. I think loving your neighbor is definitely the harder one of the two. Loving God is easy: it comes up with all sorts of perks and He doesn't have annoying human habits like letting His dog poo on your lawn or taking the last donut cause He's perfect. Its easy to love perfection.
Loving your neighbor requires looking over all sorts of annoying habits and most of the time for no personal benefit. So why bother?
And then I remember its because we can find Our Lord in our fellow human beings. That's why.

But its just soooo much harder!

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