Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So Sahwy

From Catholic Ragemonkey:
"Dear China:
So dreadfully sorry that someone disagreeing with policy in your country was heard on air. It must have been upseting to come to a country where you don't have absolute control over public opinion, citizen's lives, and the economy. If you are willing to overlook this little misunderstanding, we would accept happily any and all products which you mass-produce so that we Americans may buy in bulk.
As a modest proposal for good will between your people and ours, we would like to participate in your society's tactics by arresting and silencing this person. While we want this good will, we'll pass on torture and coersion, unless that will get a better price on manufactured goods.

Yours Truly,
J. Swift.

(In case you didn't catch it, this was intended as satire. Make of it as you will.)"

We should apologoze for our freedom of speech the day they apologize for their human rights abuses, including the attempted suppression of the Church (in other words never!).

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