Thursday, April 27, 2006

Vatican Cardinal on Condoms: Error in Reporting, I Don't Have the Authority to Produce a Document

So despite the media frenzy and all the hype from liberal Catholics who wanted a Vatican seal of approval on their use of birth control, the new document they were waiting for was never going to happen. Everyone thought that since that cardinal made the statement calling condoms a lesser evil among married couples when one is infected with HIV, a lot of people seemed to think the Vatican would do a 180 on 2,000 years of teachings. Read the full story here.
The Catholic Church stands firm as the Church built on the Rock, the only Church (at least in the West) to stand firm and denounce birth control.
Also, I noticed that you won't find this information anywhere in the mainstream media. It seems like either they're too ashamed to admit it or they want people to think that the Church has abandonned its age old teaching

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